Article Marketing Tips – How to Get More Clicks For Your Article, So You Work Less

The one way to get more mileage out of your articles is to get more click throughs. If you’re getting a high average click through rate for your articles, that means you have to churn out less of them to get the same amount of traffic. It’s simple mathematics.

Here are some killer tips to help you get more clicks for your articles, so you work less:

1. Increase Your Page Views

Increase the page views of your article and you will get more clicks on your links. This is easier said than done. But the key is to have good optimized article (good keyword density, LSI keywords), and a killer optimized title that the search engines will spider and also one that compels people to open your article and read it Clickfunnels pricing table.

2. Don’t Give The Farm Away

Use a complete, yet incomplete philosophy when writing your articles. You don’t want to include all the information you have inside your article, as that will give no reason for readers to visit your website (and your articles will be too long as well!).

3. Write A Powerful Resource Box

A powerful resource box will be the gateway to funneling traffic directly from your articles to your website. So you need to get this right. Here are the key facets of a super resource box: a question if possible (ie “Want to discover more of my secrets?”), the key benefit (what is the number one benefit your subscribers will gain by visiting your website now?), and a call-to-action (ie “Visit my brand new website now to get a free subscription to my newsletter”). If you have these three factors in place, you’ll have a killer resource box that rakes in traffic for you.

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