Easy to Learn Guitar Lessons Review and Play Rock N’ Roll Or Hindi Songs Easily

Though I am a guitarist trained through a private teacher, in this modern age, online guitar courses or DVD courses are much more effective and interesting to learn. And mainly it is very economical and convenient. If you are new to the concept of online guitar courses, I will give you a general idea about how it works. Online guitar courses provide online and offline lessons for their students. There are separate lessons and tools for different skill levels. So that you will only learn what you need to and won’t get overwhelmed with an excess of lessons and resources.

Some of the reliable resources for learning guitar online are as follows mp3 song download,

#1 JamPlay
#2 Learn and Master Guitar(from Legacy Learning Systems)
#3 Guitar Tricks
#4 Jamorama
#5 Guitar Superstars

Except Learn and Master Guitar, all others offer their courses online and can be downloaded instantly. Learn and Master ships the course DVDs, CDs and Books through post that will reach home in 3-14 days depending on the geographical location of your place. Learn and Master Guitar is suited for Beginners and Intermediate level players to build a very strong foundation, as their course is designed to complete in 2 years, so it is very comprehensive and the progress is slow with only one instructor.

But If you are looking for the best and high quality video lessons taught by over 25 instructors each specialized in a particular musical style, then JamPlay is the place for you. And in terms of affordability and ease of use, JamPlay defeats every other guitar courses.

If you are an absolute beginner and don’t want to whack a lot money on a guitar course then there cannot be a better online course than Jamorama. If you are more focused towards learning Rock N’ Roll then Guitar Superstars is good, they have 4 highly specialized tutors for that. Though Guitar Tricks is offering more than 45 teachers, the students can tend to get overwhelmed by the number of video lessons and course material. But it is quite affordable.

All in all these courses rank high in terms of their training in one way or the other. But my pick for the top ranking guitar course would be JamPlay. The main advantage of online guitar schools is that it is highly affordable compared to private tuition, convenient and fun to learn.

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