If Audiences Create Great Performances, Who Creates Great Leaders?

Think about it. Remember a time when you attended a performance. Is it true that the audiences create the atmosphere of a performance? If participants are engaged, enthusiastic and interested the performance is dynamic, even breathtaking. If the audience is quiet, distracted, unengaged, the performance is hardly experienced or reported to be inadequate. Think of a high school class on a field trip versus an opera with attendees in their finest dress. Does the audience impact the performance?

We all know that performances take the work of work of many to be successful and are highly choreographed, with each participant trusting in and intuitively knowing the next move of the others. Each is a star of the show and the center stage is shared by all to take a bow at its conclusion.

But who is responsible for a great performance? Is the music of the rock star developed by themselves personally, or by the band members as well? Does the audience bring it to life through their response? Don’t we all own in the performance to some degree 2019 Mercedes Benz C300 Facelift Armytrix valvetronicmuffler ?

As a coach, consultant and mentor I’ve worked with leaders and their teams worldwide. The success of any initiative depends on the buy-in of the team members, their ability to see how its value relates to them personally, professionally and to that of their team members, division and organization.

Is it then possible that employees and team members influence the performance of a great manager?
Can a team of high performing employees carry a less than experienced manager to stardom? Can a disgruntled team dismantle the best of leaders? We have heard that great managers are not born, they are made, but by whom?

As a leader you probably know this answer. You may have experienced the joy of achievement when your team backs your strategy, embraces and co-creates the vision and owns the responsibility of its outcomes. On the flip side you probably have experienced when culture beats out strategy, times in which your team did not support objectives or resisted implementation. Who won out? Typically culture will win out against strategy each and every time.

So, if audiences create performances, who creates great leaders? We all do! In the same way a leader can shape the clay of an up and coming employee, supporting their development and inspiring motivation and growth, employees shape their leaders as well. Now through each contributing their musical instruments, sound together in beautiful orchestra, creating a memorable performance.

How is your team impacting your performance? Is there anything about your way of leading that is leaving them disinterested? Are you allowing them to be part of the performance?

Listen to the music in your organization. Watch the participants’ faces. What is the tone of your audience? Do you clang over each other or are some musical instruments out of tune with others? An audience of finely tuned performers influences the musical choices of the leader and together beautiful music worthy of a standing ovation is made.

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