Mangosteen Fruit Juice With Xanthones – Protecting and Supporting Natural Healing.

Introducing the mangosteen and its phytoceutical secrets – Xanthones.

This is no ordinary fruit as it contains the highest number of xanthones in any palatable plant on the planet. Xanthones are a powerful antioxidant, rivalling that of vitamin C and E. With over 20 xanthone combinations, or 42 out of approximately 200 that exist in nature, mangosteen juice is one of the most complex wholefood supplements ever.

There is considerable research available on the benefits of the mangosteen and in particular the pharmaceutical properties of the xanthones which have been found to support microbiological balance, maintain immune system health, promote joint flexibility and aid with positive mental support bim100.

So is it a cure all?

No, not quite.

In my research I discovered many testimonials from patients who had seen significant benefits and in some cases full recovery from chronic disease which they attributed to the mangosteen juice.

My wife was recently diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease ‘MND”. She began taking mangosteen juice three times a day as an immune booster. The results were astounding!

When drinking mangosteen juice, she no longer suffers from muscle pains and muscle fasciculation is greatly reduced. Additionally she feels more positive and able to deal with day to day living. As a bonus, having suffered from chronic Asthma and Sinusitus caused by severe allergies, these complaints have all but gone.

So yes, in our experience this juice is magic!

Research shows that mangosteen whole fruit has in some cases been found to be effective in combating the following conditions.

1. Heart Disease or Atherosclerosis.

2. Cancer. The rind of the mangosteen or the pericarp, contain at least forty xanthones of which six have been found to be effective in treating breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer.

3. Diabetes – Mangosteen is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with the ability to lower and regulate blood sugar, and decrease the need for hypoglycemic medication.

4. Fibromyalgia – Mangosteen can bring partial or complete relief to a high percentage of sufferers to relieve pain, muscle tenderness, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

5. Arthritis – Mangosteen is a proven Cox2 inhibitor which is helpful in reducing pain.

6. Fatique – Mangosteen juice has a high concentration of anti-oxidants which help our body fight daily attacks that would hinder our sense of wellbeing.

7. Cholesterol – Mangosteen juice may be effective in maintaining or lowering your levels.

8. Eczema and Skin Problems – Mangosteen extract has helped people improve or eliminate skin problems that allopathic and naturopathic remedies have failed to work on.

Mangosteen juice provides protection against the ravages of free radicals. Free radicals are present in food preparation and are produced by infection, inflammation, and exercise. When purchasing mangosteen juice it’s important that the product includes the whole fruit to gain maximum health benefits.

Sufferers from Chronic disease should always consult with their doctor as to their recommended course of action. The mangosteen fruit and commercially produced juices are not a substitute for prescribed medications.

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