Pool Spa Safety and Enjoyment

Imagine the sheer pleasure of relaxing in a spa scented with your favorite essential oils – be it spicy bergamot or vanilla or soothing lavender – to drown out your anxieties. The very thought of a spa intoxicates the mind to relax totally and surrender to the experience.

What is a Pool Spa?

Pool spas are similar to hot tubs because a pool spa uses powered jets to create pressure in pool water. Depending on personal preference, you can put a pool and spa together with an in ground pool or at another location. There is a practical advantage of combining a spa and swimming pool together. When put together, both spa and pool can share equipment like filtering system and heater.

Different Models Available

Pool spas comes in different styles, sizes and shapes. They are generally made from similar products as those used in pool construction. The most common products are cement or fiberglass. Styles of different pool spas come in different ranges, from larger models to the simple square type. They all come with tile work.

A freestanding model can hold 300 to 1000 gallons of water and provide room for 12 people to be seated together. Different equipment that a swimming pool and pool spa require include pump, filter and heater. This equipment can help maintain hygiene and clean the pool water as well as warm it in winter.

For a more unique and luxurious water effect, one can add air hydro jets or air bubblers that spray air or water into the spa. It is very important to carefully decide about the minute details before designing a pool and opting for a pool and spa together. Your decision determines the enjoyment and relaxation for all concerned for a long time to come.

Safety Precautions

While pool spas provides endless happy memories and good times, it is always advisable to take precautions to ensure the safety of children and pets. Recent statistics shockingly reveal that deaths of children due to drowning in spas are the fifth leading cause of deaths among children. To ensure children remain safe is paramount for pool owners.

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